Q: Do we need to make a reservation?

A: Reservations are always a good idea. However, if the boat is at the dock and available, or we have a cancellation we are happy to accommodate you and your party provided it does not interfere with an existing reservation.

Q: Are there special seniors or children’s rate?

A: Our rates are for an entire group and are already the most competitive we can make them so we cannot offer further discounts.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept most forms of payment right at the boat or in advance. Accepted payment forms include Visa, MasterCard or by e- transfer. We also accept cash.

Q: Can weather affect your boat tour or water taxi services?

A: Safety is our priority so the captain will determine when a trip must be cancelled due to bad weather. In this event, a full refund will be given to those who have paid in advance, or they are welcome to rebook for another time.


Q: Do you go to Penticton and Vernon?

A: Yes, we will drop you off or pick you up anywhere on Lake Okanagan. Please click here to view a list of potential pick-up and drop-off points, as well as rates.

Q: Where can we depart and return?

A: We have three specific locations for passenger pick-up and drop-off:

  1. At the Water Street boat launch next to Rosie’s Pub
  2. At City Park dock near the Sails monument
  3. Dock next to the Eldorado Hotel.
  4. We can also pick you up or drop you of at any other public dock, or a private dock with permission.


Q: How many passengers can you carry?

A: We are licensed to carry up to nine passengers and one crew, plus coolers or bags.

Q: How much baggage can I bring?

A: One small carry-on bag or cooler per person is allowed at no charge. Additional bags are subject to space and weight limitations.

Q: Can we bring pets?

A: Pets are welcome and may ride free of charge, however they must be house trained and well behaved at all times. The captain has discretion to refuse pets based on non-compliance.

Q: Can we bring bicycles or kayaks for use at our destination?

A: Bicycles and kayaks can be carried subject to space and weight limitations.

Q: Is the crew certified?

A: As per Transport Canada regulations, the captain holds certification in all marine emergency duties and first aid.

Q: Should I worry about my safety?

A: Every trip includes Marine Transport Canada required passenger safety briefing before leaving the dock. The captain will show you the location of safety equipment along with a tutorial on how to wear a life jacket, operate flares and signaling devices.