A full hour private cruise for up to 9 participants in your group amounts to $250 for the trip.

Fuel is included at this rate, assuming normal cruising speeds. For those wanting a "full-throttle" thrill, the surcharge for additional fuel used due to high speed will be added.

Our departure and return "home base" is at the public launch next to the Kelowna Yacth Club and Cactus Club restaurant, near the Delta Grand Resort Hotel.

Should you be at some other points on Lake Okanagan and yet would love to experience one of our great boat tours, we are happy to try to accommodate you. The additional cost is calculated at the Water Taxi rate, which is displayed below. The total rate would then be your hourly rate + the "water taxi" rate to your pick-up point. Please note that all tours begin and end at the same spot. So wherever we pick you up will be where we will drop you off.

Any customization is always welcome, but please call Peter Brady at 250-864-9448 to discuss the details and additional cost, if any.

Cruise & Charter Rates

  • 1 hours $250
  • 2 hours $450
  • 3 hours $640
  • 4 hours (Half Day Charter) $790
  • 6 hours (Full Day Charter) $990
  • For additional hours, please call Captain Peter for a quote.
  • Our hourly and charter rates are all inclusive (including fuel costs for normal speeds) and include up to nine passengers for the same fee.

Surcharge for Pick-Up and Drop-Off at the following locations:

  • West Harbor - $40 (this location is private for residents only)
  • Eldorado Hotel - $58
  • Casa Loma Resort - $86
  • Westbank Yacht Club $146
  • Cove Lakeside Resort - $155
  • Peachland - $226
  • Naramata Yacht Club - $419
  • Summerland Waterfront Resort & Spa - $398
  • Peach Orchard Beach Summerland - $344
  • McKinley Landing - $97
  • Lake Okanagan Resort - $155
  • Carrs Landing - $256
  • La Casa Resort $276
  • Fintry Provincial Park - $290
  • Vernon - $440

Trips outside normal working hours will have an after hours fixed surcharge of $40 above and beyond the normal cruise rate.

Please note that our hourly cruising rates are calculated on a speed of 6 knots (11 km/hour), a comfortable ride but not "full throttle". However, if you're willing to pay for the extra gas needed for a "full throttle" experience, we can accommodate you at a surcharge to be determined by whatever portion of the ride was a "thrill of a lifetime"!

These rates are valid 7 days a week from 8 am – 8 pm - April 1st to September 30th.

Whatever your ideas, plans, dreams or occasion, talk to Captain Peter and he will endeavour to make them a reality.


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For "last minute" bookings within 24 hours of departure, please call us at 250-864-9448.