Our boat tour rates are based on an hourly base rate, which is currently $250 all-inclusive for the first hour per boat load. You can go for one hour, or you can go for as long as you like - it is completely up to you! For longer durations, we do ask that you book in advance if possible, otherwise we may not be able to accommodate you if we are already booked for those additional times.

General Guidelines

What do you get for a 1-hour tour?

A one-hour cruise will take you North along the shoreline close to downtown Kelowna and Knox Mountain, across the lake to the West shoreline passing “Millionaire Alley” and turning East back to dock for a breathtaking view of Downtown. This is a fun 1-hour cruise to relax and just enjoy being on the water with your friends and family.

What do you get for a 2-hour tour?

A two-hour boat tour will generally take you North along the East shoreline by Knox mountain and fabulous homes to Paul's Tomb - the burial site of Rembler Paul and his wife Elizabeth and also a favourite spot. with cliff jumpers. We continue on past SheerWater Estates where you will see fabulous homes. At this point your tour turns West across the lake to Westside Road, where we then turn south. Our boat tour will take us to the west side by Traders Cove, Bear Creek Provincial park and millionaire alley with all its fabulous homes dotting the shoreline. We continue on past West Harbour Estates where we turn East across the lake for a breathtaking view of the bridge and the downtown skyline, and back to our home base.

Other possible destinations and timeframe to get there and back

  • Downtown Kelowna to Vernon return 6h:30hrs
  • Downtown to Fintry return 4h:30m
  • Downtown to Lake Okanagan Resort return 2h:30m
  • Downtown to Peachland return 3h:30m
  • Downtown to Summerland return 6h:30.
  • Downtown to Naramata return 7h:00m
  • Downtown to Penticton return 8h:30m

These times are calculated on regular cruising speeds, and do not include any stops along the way. Please note that cruising speeds for our boat tours are not the same as the Water Taxi speeds. Cruising is meant to be a more relaxing experience than just wanting to go from Point A to Point B.


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For "last minute" bookings within 24 hours of departure, please call us at 250-864-9448.